How hard is your data working for you?

Field Marketing

We believe it's the best in its field.

Image Recognition

Grow sales. Drive efficiencies. Deliver better insights.


We love merchandising.

Open the door to more sales.
Release your potential.

Heard this before you may be thinking? Well, you'd be mistaken because only we have our secret sauce! Our unrivalled data-led approach to retail execution is combined with a distinctive human touch. We train, communicate with and deploy our people rapidly, and at scale, so you sell more and save more than ever before. 
From our masterful merchandising through to fearless field sales and warehousing wizardry, we're expert, agile and ethical in our approach. We really do know retail and what it takes to help you succeed.
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Our merchandisers are within 10 miles of 97% of stores in the UK, ready to support with 365-day promotion for your brand.

Shelf-space. Positioning. Visibility. Product selection. A lot of thought and expertise goes into maximising your sales. We get it. And whether its POS installation, check and fix, auditing or range changes, we combine big brains with big data to make sure the right improvements happen. 

60,000 photos per week for client reporting

40,000 merchandising hours completed per week

Clients we work with

We’re good at what we do. 
Just ask our customers.

"Image Recognition must be the solution for retail’s future. We received an excellent service, tailored to our business that was cost effective."
Dewi Williams
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Our People

Our people are built on grit, graft and sheer bloody genius. We are passionate about tech, but we are even more passionate about people and we understand the importance of marrying the tech eye with the human eye.
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Zero waste to landfill 100% commitment to carbon neutral
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Business Capabilities

Image of a pound sign
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Not that we’re bragging, but as a top ten retailer on Amazon and eBay, we know a thing or two about eCommerce (okay, we are bragging a bit).

You can plug the gaps in your own process or let us handle it all. 
Speed, quality and efficiency are
our bread, butter and jam
Tight deadlines welcome
Turnaround in less than 7 days
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Get In Touch

Whether you're an existing customer or a potential one, if you'd like to learn more about our retail tech and about how we can help please drop us a line.
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