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Heard this before you may be thinking? Well, you'd be mistaken because only we have our secret sauce! Our unrivalled data-led approach to retail execution combined with a distinctive human means you will sell more and save more than ever before.
From our masterful merchandising through to fearless field sales and warehousing wizardry, we're expert, agile and ethical in our approach. We really do know retail and what it takes to help you succeed.
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Our merchandisers are within 10 miles of 97% of stores in the UK, ready to support with 365-day promotion for your brand.

Shelf-space. Positioning. Visibility. Product selection. A lot of thought and expertise goes into maximising your sales. We get it. And whether its POS installation, check and fix, auditing or range changes, we combine big brains with big data to make sure the right improvements happen. 

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Not that we’re bragging, but as a top ten retailer on Amazon and eBay, we know a thing or two about eCommerce (okay, we are bragging a bit).

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Our people are built on grit, graft and sheer bloody genius. We are passionate about tech, but we are even more passionate about people and we understand the importance of marrying the tech eye with the human eye.
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Dee Set

Data has never been more readily available than it is right now, but how do you translate this availability into intelligent strategy and tangible results? On the face of it, that’s the big question. For most brands, the struggle to ensure that they’re getting the most out of their shelf positions is something that’s been hard to manage and even harder to monitor, but this is where the field marketing team here at Dee Set is looking to completely change the game. We’ve worked tirelessly to combine state of the art technology with a group of experts that know exactly how to identify stock and shelf position issues instinctively, utilising a data-led approach to ensure that retail execution is as close to perfection as possible. Dee Set uses the power of data as the driving force behind our strategy and when coupled with our high-level training and expert human touch, we believe that we’ve cracked the code and found the ideal way to maximise your investments. 

For brands and retailers, the end goal is to sell more and more products; that’s the factor that impacts the bottom line, so it’s natural for this to be the focus of your operations. From our perspective and experience, we believe that our field marketing agency services perfectly complement these goals and ensure that brands and retailers can meet their goals in a way that’s efficient, informed, and flexible. From retail merchandising and field sales through to our innovative image recognition technology, we can support you at every stage of the process to ensure that we’re maximising productivity in all of the key areas. 

If you’d like to learn more about what we do, how we do it, and what sets us apart from the crowd, be sure to read below for more information on all of our services. Alternatively, you can get in touch with a member of our friendly team right here on our website by filling out our content form - by giving us just a few bits of information, our team will be able to review your issues and needs, then come back to you with the ideal solution as quickly as possible. 

What we do

Unless you’ve worked closely with a group of field marketing specialists before, you probably don’t have too much knowledge of what one is, how they operate, and how this is of such huge importance to your business strategy and sales numbers. Simply put, field marketing with Dee Set helps to ensure that you’re showing up in the right places at the right times - one of the key factors for converting in-store is maximising visibility and availability, which is exactly what our team and tech will be looking to do for you. Field marketing is something of an umbrella term that covers a lot of different aspects that combine together to achieve the kind of results that you’re looking for, so we thought it would be best to break down our service into the key areas that we’ll focus on, giving you a clearer picture of the different ingredients that go into our special sauce. 

Utilising Actionable Data to maximise ROI

The first part of our process is the data. We use in-depth retail analytics to inform AI and machine learning, which allows us to utilise every statistic and stock level purposefully. By utilising retail analysis data in our strategy for each of our clients, we’re able to make decisions driven by data; these insights are truly invaluable and are often the key that unlocks the door to retail efficiency. We’ll use our bespoke technology to make sure that we’re crunching the numbers in a way that gives us useful insights into your product lines - it’s not a one-size-fits-all industry, so we shouldn’t be treating every brand in the same way. 

Our system is totally flexible to how you want to utilise our services; you can use your own data or let our field agents collect some up to date information by taking photos in-store. Don’t worry, we’re well-equipped to do so, with over 4000 field agents in the UK, with an agent within 10 miles of around 97% of all UK stores. By letting our agents collect their own data, you can ensure that you’re working with information that’s as fresh as possible, showing you numbers that are as close to “real-time” statistics as we can obtain. We’ll then combine this fresh data with over 2.5 billion units of our own data, which helps us to identify efficiencies, predictions, trends, and ROI opportunities in your retail space. 

eCommerce is a key area for investment

Our eCommerce pedigree speaks for itself; we’re in the top 10 retailers on both Amazon and eBay, and we’re not stopping there either. Now, you may be wondering how exactly we’ve reached these staggering heights on both of these platforms and the simple answer is this: We’ve spent years learning, understanding, and developing to reach the point we’re at now, and it’s been well worth the effort too. We identified that to maximise your potential in the eCommerce space, you can’t become siloed - if you aren’t focussing on every area of your business and product, you’ll probably stagnate much earlier than you would like to. 

But how does this translate into something that you can utilise to your advantage? In simple terms, you’ll be able to lean on our expertise to handle the areas of eCommerce where you don’t yet have the internal knowledge needed. The way that you utilise our services is totally dependent on your needs too; if you have one or two gaps in ability, we can focus our efforts on those aspects, but we can just as easily handle the entire process for you! This means that everything from multi-channel fulfilment through to smaller details such as packaging design, printing, and storage are all handled efficiently, maximising your return on investments at every stage of the process. 

A field marketing agency that’s best in our field

Field marketing is, perhaps, the area where we have the most experience, the most firepower and, as a result, the most impact. To start things off, let us tell you all about our field marketing team in a few quick highlights:

  • We’ve got the biggest field marketing team in the UK, standing at over 4000 employees across the country;
  • We have agents within 10 miles of 97% of stores in the UK, enabling us to be ready to react quickly whenever needed;
  • We use a bank of around 3 billion data units when conducting our analysis, giving us accurate, relevant, and insightful data from which to make actions and revamp your retail strategy;
  • We support over £4bn in retail sales each year, giving us notable pedigree that’s sure to give you confidence in our partnership. 

Our team knows just how to get customers engaging with your brands in-store; whether it’s through sampling stations, demonstrations, or awareness events, we’re sure that our team will help you to increase visibility where it matters most. In addition to our team’s understanding of human consumer behaviour, we’re also always backed up with our incredible technology - in these instances, we’ll be using TS Eye, which offers real-time insight into your products, at both an in-store and SKU level. In just a short amount of time, we’re then able to identify which stores are performing well and which stores need to be audited to identify potential issues and ways that these can be solved to increase availability and visibility through placement, promotions and displays. 

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We can service your fulfilment needs around the clock

Fulfilment is, in many ways, the crown jewel in your retail repertoire; if you’ve aced your ability to pick, pack, and distribute orders with a high level of accuracy, you’re well on your way to establishing yourself as a reputable brand that retailers will be queueing up to stock. Of course, getting to this point isn’t always as simple as it first may appear. Reaching the upper limit of productivity takes hard work, determination, and experience, which is exactly what the Dee Set team is able to offer by the truckload. 

Here at Dee Set, one of our key mantras is that fulfilment isn’t simply the picking and packing: it’s so much more. That’s why our expert fulfilment team will always strive to go above and beyond, ensuring that we’re covering all of the bases to guarantee safe, secure, and accurate fulfilment from start to finish. From our security tagging and barcoding through to FSDUs, repackaging, and returns, we’ve got every step of the journey covered. Don’t worry about scaling either; our team can operate at any volume whilst maintaining a high degree of quality in all of our delivery.  

What’s more is that with our fulfilment services, you’ll be able to make use of our on-the-pulse real-time reporting, which helps us to track sales trends, seasonal peaks, and valuable promotional information, all without you ever having to lift a finger. This means that you can sit back, relax, and let us do the heavy lifting to ensure that your products are well-stocked, highly visible, and ready to make sales. 

Image recognition is playing a key role in the retail analysis revolution

If you aren’t looking to use image recognition technology to your advantage in the near future, you’re going to be left behind. That’s what the experts think and we couldn’t agree more. The modern business world revolves around data and to simply sit back and ignore the benefits that data-backed analysis can offer is irresponsible and naive at every level - two things that no successful business will ever be happy to hear themselves described as. Luckily for those partnered with us here at Dee Set, we’re already using image recognition technology to its fullest potential for our clients, meaning you’re way ahead of the curve when it comes to this adoption. Our latest technology combines our large data bank with live images captured in local stores across the country, cross-referencing to identify patterns, problems and, most importantly, solutions. As you’re probably well aware by this stage, availability is one of the biggest driving factors to sales success. Essentially, by making sure that your product is on shelves, in promotions, and ready to be purchased, you maximise the potential for those crucial sales conversions. 

But where does image recognition come into this and why is it such a huge upgrade? For us, image recognition is something that works in partnership with insightful field marketing strategy and accurate data to enable easy analysis of your products against your competitors. This basically means that you can study the tapes, spot the gaps, and put a plan of action together to ensure that you’re doing everything right. Not only this, but you’re able to react quickly and efficiently, which means you’re rectifying mistakes sooner and turning your losses into wins on a more regular basis - the impact of this foresight and agility cannot be overstated. 

So how does image recognition work? Essentially, it’s all about being able to get real insights into current stock availability across the country in an instant. You’ll gather images of a huge number of shelves that stock your product, a speedy look at the availability levels, and it’s all done in a way that’s super cost-effective. What more could you ask for?

By cutting out the faff and gathering the data you need to make more sales, image recognition, implemented by our expert team of field agents, gives you the perfect platform from which to build, grow, and scale at a staggering pace, without having to break the bank to do so. 

Choose to turn your retail efficiency into your biggest strength

As you can see, we know a thing or two about how to use field marketing to totally maximise visibility and ensure that you have everything in place to support increased sales, efficient visibility, and rapid growth in any sector, so there’s no excuse to sit back and do nothing. Our team is on hand to answer your questions, develop your strategy, and implement your new retail direction today, so be sure to fill out our contact form, get in touch, and start your journey towards being the best version of your brand today. 

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