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    AI and machine learning may just take over the world. But before that happens, why not use them to improve your sales, availability and compliance? Make sure every decision is driven by data and get access to insights that anyone can understand and implement.

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3 billion

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Remote data collection - actionable data

Take a data science approach to retail execution

No, you won’t need a PhD. Through Recognise, our cloud based image recognition and object detection software, you can easily monitor and analyse essential KPIs such as gap counts, orders and compliance with planograms, facings and POS.

Remote data collection. Big data analysis.

Send us your own data or let our field agents take photos in-store. Then our specialist data science team can capture and analyse rich, accurate data sets. We’ll add them to 2.5 billion units of our own data to draw out efficiencies, predictions, trends and ROI opportunities.

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Insights that are quick on the draw

We help you make decisions in minutes. Identify stock issues. Analyse shelf space. Assess availability, sales forecasting and a range of other factors. Consolidate sales insights across multiple retailers and take advantage of powerful SKU predictive analysis.

Tell your people what they need to know

Your workforce is mobile, and so is our platform. Our resource planning and data capture systems also include fully integrated workflows, so you can allocate tasks based on key metrics such as cost, skill or location.

Read about Reapp, our complete tech solution
Relentless optimisation of merchandising
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Our merchandisers are within 10 miles of 97% of stores in the UK, ready to support with 365-day promotion for your brand.

Shelf-space. Positioning. Visibility. Product selection. A lot of thought and expertise goes into maximising your sales. We get it. And whether its POS installation, check and fix, auditing or range changes, we combine big brains with big data to make sure the right improvements happen. 

60,000 photos per week for client reporting

40,000 merchandising hours completed per week

Clients we work with

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So, what is retail analytics data?

In short, it’s the key to your success on the shelves. 

Data analytics is the process of evaluating and observing data from a variety of sources to identify patterns and trends, all in the hopes of improving business intelligence and future decisions. The most effective analytics software will collect data and transform it into automatic performance reports, prompting businesses to develop an actionable strategy to address any "pain points."

Massive amounts of data may be captured at a variety of touchpoints now that the average transaction takes place in the digital realm - even if the consumer journey takes them into supermarkets and physical stores. EPOS technology, apps, websites, or data-driven calls provide wonderful chances for companies to observe their product range being reviewed or missed in the real world, thanks to the growth of contactless technology in recent years. 

When it comes to the customer experience, data eliminates the guesswork by demonstrating in ever-increasing numbers if existing marketing methods are genuinely effective - and revealing where conversion rates might be improved.

In the retail analytics industry, we employ four data types to provide a useful picture of the sales journey, ensuring that nothing is lost on the shop floor.

Diagnostic analytics

Diagnostic analytics dives deeper into the specifics once we've decided on a 'what' to focus on. What would cause consumer demand to rise from week to week? These analyses will use pertinent data to create a larger picture, which in turn informs your strategy in stores.

Predictive analytics

We don’t like leaving things to chance. Gambling with your retail strategy is a sure-fire way to decrease efficiency and diminish ROI, so you should always look to inform your actions with real, tangible data; this is where predictive analytics comes into the fray. This clever strategy employs sophisticated statistical methodologies and algorithms to precisely forecast future trends, allowing marketing teams to capitalise on these valuable insights to maximise returns.

Descriptive analytics

When brands need a quick snapshot of a certain time period - whether it's a dip in sales or a failed product launch - descriptive analytics shows us exactly what happened on the surface. This data is delivered quickly and provides a brief overview of what’s happened, allowing you to receive quick insights that can inform decisions in the moment.

Prescriptive analytics

Prescriptive (or predictive) analytics, often known as advanced analytics, answers the most challenging issue for marketers: "What should I do now?". There are different methods for doing so, ranging from modelling various scenarios and actions to launching a machine-learning algorithm to generate reliable results.

We only deal with the finest quality data at Dee Set, and we use accurate and effective sources to provide our brands with the greatest analytics solutions. Data is often enhanced by multi-step processes that confirm and scrub these figures against leading sources, providing our clients complete confidence in their business performance. Duplicates are deleted, and contradicting totals are removed, resulting in a crystal-clear retail analytics tool that accurately portrays your brand's influence - as it should be.

But how will your business use data to its advantage?

We have a mind-boggling 3 billion data units at our disposal at Dee Set, and you'd be shocked how much of it is hidden on your shelves. Literally. We offer analysis tools that can enhance sales and vital engagement, whether you want to make sure that in-store compliance is being followed in terms of fair shelf space and promotional attention, or whether a general stock drive is required.

The retail industry can benefit from advanced data analytics in a variety of ways. Data can be interpreted to fit the scope of the task depending on the focus areas brands want to focus on. We've developed retail analytics solutions that make a genuine difference because of our ability to undertake over 1,000,000 interventions every year. Marketers may use data from our in-store calls, EPOS systems, and cutting-edge Image Recognition technology to make more educated decisions on a variety of applications.

In the retail industry, analytics can be used to identify your most loyal clients, allowing you to target your output to a specific demographic. We can also crunch the figures to see which products are popular or not, as well as grasp the average output from a group of stores or a single one. Our staff may also gain advanced insights using prescriptive analytics, such as purchase quantities and appropriate price points at various locations.

Our customised approach, intuitive technology, and adaptable capabilities mean that our team can help retail businesses exactly as they need it - with excellent customer service provided by our professional staff of field marketers and data analysts. So, how can we properly evaluate customer involvement, obtain actionable insights, and move forward with superior marketing decisions using retail analytics?

Our staff goes above and beyond when it comes to collecting data analytics for brands. We can provide advanced analytics solutions that spot specific flaws or potential problems in a company's infrastructure. We can also do exploratory data-driven calls in a variety of stores to identify potential problems with the buying experience. Our customised approach to retail analytics enables us to satisfy each client's needs with a variety of alternatives, such as automatic reporting for immediate insight or a snapshot of analysis over time to track existing metrics like planogram compliance and customer retention.

We leverage technical innovation to help brands who wish to make specific changes to a variety of fixtures. We're not only good at crunching numbers; we're also good at putting them into context, and identifying key bits of actionable intelligence that make all the difference.

We can gather data from billions of items and stores across the retail industry and pinpoint the ideal solution for you using our passion for problem-solving. 

Although data is our bread and butter, human insights are the winning ingredient in our people-powered, data-driven formula because they allow us to contextualise and apply a variety of prediction tactics. After all, what good is data if it can't be properly interpreted?

The future of retail data science is image recognition

When it comes to data collection, we understand that shelf space may not appear to be the most appealing location for your brand's essential statistics. That's why we use real-time photographs acquired by our staff who regularly visit stores and represent your company to offer you a quick glimpse of how your space is being used to put your products in context.

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it's backed up by Recognise, our premier retail analytics platform that puts actionable data at your fingertips. Easily keep track of product availability, maintain shop compliance, and compare yourself to the competition. Any category, shape, or product size may be examined with just one photo, providing a rapid, cost-effective solution that eliminates complex planograms and capitalises on local and national stocking patterns.

We get incomparable outcomes for our clients by combining accurate photography captured directly from the shop floor with the experience of Dee Set's team of eagle-eyed data analysts and brand ambassadors. We obtain results time and time again thanks to careful trend analysis and straightforward, no-nonsense reporting, which we do through critical visits and a drive to combine effective data with exceptional solutions. We approach your brand as if it were our own, combining brilliant, enthusiastic individuals with industry-leading data and technological capabilities.

We've built connections with some of the largest names in retail thanks to our award-winning reputation and long-term initiatives. From data to decisions, we can assist your company in achieving its marketing objectives and reaping long-term benefits.

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Our industry-leading image recognition technology

For years, our innovative ideas have driven us, allowing our team to innovate, grow, and elevate our service offering to not only satisfy the market need but to become industry leaders. Because not everyone is born to be a number cruncher, the Dee Set team produced fast, automated analytical reports that determine what drives your items to move. Our image recognition system monitors stock performance and notes what causes promotions to surge or even drop, using data from a variety of metadata sectors and the most recent T5 EPOS data.

We're professionals in leveraging the latest in cutting-edge machine learning and AI technologies at Dee Set. That's how we can gather the most up-to-date data from a variety of sources, giving brands the most accurate picture of how their customers interact with their products.

We understand the importance of having data that is easy to locate while also providing the information needed to make informed marketing decisions. All of our reports are created with your entire team in mind, noting the performance of your stores - no matter how large or small your portfolio - as well as any critical issues detected by our teams through data-driven calls or in-depth audits. After we've applied some technological magic, we'll walk you through how we solved these problems step by step before moving on to the fun part: celebrating how your sales performance has improved or can be improved!

Data is incredibly useful, which is why we’re so passionate about it. As a result, we'll also provide you with useful chain insights and in-store scorecards that make tracking performance metrics simple - we’re looking to use our data to support you in as many ways as we can.

Elevate your brand’s success by harnessing data

We adore crunching data and turning it into outstanding, result-grabbing methods at Dee Set. We can get brands the shelf space and marketing reception that leads to excellent sales by leveraging the latest in EPOS data technology and performance metrics. The retail business does not wait for anyone, which is why we are always developing new solutions for companies, big and small, on the shop floor. But we're not just dealing with data. Our stats are fueled by people who work diligently to engage with underperforming stores and uncover even the tiniest problem, resulting in over 1,000,000 interventions that make a difference each year.

Our people-first strategy provides marketing teams with dynamic tools to base actionable plans on, including product audits, launches, recalls, and data-driven calls. It's never just about the data; it's about the invaluable insight that saves time, money, and guesswork.Dee Set employees are passionate about the brands we work with and the results we can deliver. We're working around the clock to ensure that those 3 billion data units go above and beyond for our clients. If you're interested in learning more, contact Dee Set right away.

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Working with Dee Set

We produce vital information that assists organisations to make important business decisions, build effective marketing campaigns, and boost consumer satisfaction at Dee Set. We take a people-first approach to analytics, which allows us to provide retail data analytics to some of the largest companies in the UK market - since even the most modern technologies can't be used effectively without a team of passionate and brilliant minds crunching the statistics.

We understand the necessity of bringing this critical data to life because we have an award-winning data and technology capability that works seamlessly with field marketers operating in real locations across the UK. Our team doesn't expect brands to be specialists in every type of analytics (if that were the case, we'd be out of a job!) However, we make every effort to provide these critical insights to the firms with which we collaborate. It's only natural, especially when inventory levels, reputation, and, of course, revenue are all at stake.

Brands have a deeper understanding of how their products perform in-store and a deeper understanding of their clients' shopping journeys by leveraging a wealth of knowledge spanning consumer trends, industry news, and successful marketing strategies - with the help of our own advanced artificial intelligence image recognition tool that uses EPOS data. We're here to assist brands when taking the next step in their business development by providing key retail analysis that helps them make better decisions.

At Dee Set, we enjoy delving into analytics methods that consider the influence of product selection, shelf space, and positioning in addition to our retail services. We add the numbers and human figures that make actual improvements to our POS installation, where we can gather fresh data in real-time - now instantly accessible thanks to our automatic reporting capabilities - to our auditing and intervention options. We specialise in converting talks into sales and have a track record of success.

Dee Set Logistics Ltd/Dee Set Confectionery Ltd, trading as Dee Set, registered in England, Scotland and Wales. Registered No: SC208421/04297287.Vat No: 896110414.