Is Pay-As-You-Go the future of flexible working??

Written by 
Dee Set Staff
29 September, 2022

*Press Release*

The pandemic saw new waves of hiring issues with the workforce reluctant to return to 9-to-5 jobs that were reminiscent of pre-lockdown working agreements. 

However, with the cost of living crisis pushing those able to consider returning to work to do so, how can they take up new employment on their terms?

Dee Set Group, a retail solutions company focused on providing both brands and retailers with actionable insights through field marketing have teamed up with Wagestream to attract new talent and improve the financial well being of their existing workers.

The new system allows employees across the group to draw a percentage of their salary out at any time of the month, meaning after working just one week colleagues can draw out up-to 50% of the money they have earnt.

Combining this with the flexible hours that allow Dee Set employees to choose when they work, the new pay system allows new and existing colleagues to set their own boundaries deciding not just the hours they work but how they get paid.

Whilst colleagues can withdraw up to 50% of their wages at any time during the month to help with unexpected bills, school expenses and other costs that may have previously saw them get into debt or look towards a payday loan, colleagues can also choose to move a percentage of their wages into a savings bond.

This savings bond is a bonus pot of cash that can be withdrawn whenever the individual likes, making it ideal for back-to-school, Christmas or a holiday.

On top of deciding how they get paid, Dee Set team members will also have financial coaching made readily available to them, allowing them to make healthy money habits and become more financially knowledgeable - an invaluable skill as the cost of living continues to rise.

Antony Lee, People & Retail director at Dee Set said: ‘At Dee Set we aim to make our team members' lives as easy as possible and the best way we can do this is with flexibility. We already allow our field and store colleagues to choose the hours they work, making it ideal for fitting in around the school run, or slot into retirement, but now we are giving them a choice of when and how they are paid.

“Working closely with retailers and brands we know first hand how much the cost of living has risen, wagestream allows our colleagues to take control of their finances. No need to panic about an unexpected bill, they can draw out up to 50% of their salary in advance to help cover the costs, preventing them from getting into debt.’

“On top of this the system allows a percentage of their wage to go into a savings pot, meaning Christmas can avoid being put on a credit card and school uniforms can be paid off using the savings pot”.

“The last thing we want is our colleagues to worry about money and we hope this new system with its flexible options including financial coaching will help put their mind at ease during this tricky time.”

Dee Set Group is currently looking for individuals to join their in-field team across the country. The new roles will offer total flexibility of hours to suit candidate’s lifestyles and enable them to choose how they get paid. To find out more please visit:

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