• We love merchandising. Don’t make it weird.

    Where would brands and retailers be without people who live and breathe merchandising for them? We wouldn’t know. We just know how much our teams enjoy their work when it comes to compliance, availability and making fixtures sing to your customers. They truly are our secret sauce.


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Be the brand that stands apart
In-store presence

Be the brand that stands apart

Shelf-space. Positioning. Visibility. Product selection. A lot of thought and expertise goes into maximising your sales. We get it. And whether it’s POS installation, check and fix, auditing or range changes, we combine big brains with big data to make sure the right improvements happen.

Your in-store presence is our past, present and future

We make sure your customer gets what they want at exactly the right moment. And we really, really know what we’re doing. We’ll handle the entire merchandising journey from our own warehouse to your fixtures, including re-checking stock levels and re-orders.

Good relationships are hard to build. But we do it.

We recruit, train, develop and keep our own teams of motivated merchandisers. Anyone can fill a shelf. Our people solve problems before you even realise they exist. And they specialise in giving time, care and attention to the in-store details that matter.

Create a customer journey worth travelling

From compliance for your POS, prices, stock or location, to making your fixtures sparkle, we fit each element together like a master tailor. It’s why we’re the first choice for retail merchandising services with the top four grocers and high street retailers in the UK.

Good relationships
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Our merchandisers are within 10 miles of 97% of stores in the UK, ready to support with 365-day promotion for your brand.

Shelf-space. Positioning. Visibility. Product selection. A lot of thought and expertise goes into maximising your sales. We get it. And whether its POS installation, check and fix, auditing or range changes, we combine big brains with big data to make sure the right improvements happen. 

60,000 photos per week for client reporting

40,000 merchandising hours completed per week

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Retail Merchandising with Dee Set

Good looks aren't everything - but they sure can help.

When it comes to your retail merchandising strategy, Dee Set can help you stop your target customer in their tracks.

Although many brands are choosing to focus their attention on their online offerings, the majority of UK shoppers love nothing more than browsing and buying within a physical shop. From eye-catching window displays to unmissable sale items, our team of retail merchandisers is on hand with a wide range of services to suit any business model. 

We've got a proven track record in using advanced retail merchandising tactics and strategies to secure customer loyalty, converting casual browsers into passionate brand fans for big names and independents alike. 

Our field sales solutions go above and above to help our clients achieve astounding sales performance, using 24/7 design and print services alongside merchandising and replenishment knowledge to create compelling signage, product displays, and more. 

What is retail merchandising?

Despite the steady encroachment of the internet and all its flashy online offerings, the traditional retail display is still one of the best ways to get that 'browser to customer' conversion. That's why it's incredibly important for brands to tap into their in-store presence and make it as exciting as possible. 

At Dee Set, we know what makes products sing from the shelf.

The key to this is a clever retail merchandising strategy - which, in plain English, focuses on arranging and organising products within your shop in a way that engages shoppers and brands alike. It's also key to ensure that any activity aligns with existing compliance and planograms, so you get the most out of your key partnerships.

The term ‘retail merchandising’ covers everything, from how merchandise looks on the shelf to how it is displayed around the store, the use of directional signage to how brands can plan tactical product deployments that encourage additional purchases.

After all, advanced retail merchandising solutions are able to cover a wide range of challenges

They can inspire your shoppers to purchase that crucial extra product that might have gone unnoticed previously, giving brands that extra edge over the competition. 

How can retailers benefit from retail merchandising and marketing solutions?

At Dee Set, we use merchandising solutions to ensure our brands get the most out of the precious shelf space and in-store presence. 

We help your marketing team draw your customer's attention in all the right ways. Retail merchandising strikes the balance between dispensing clever messaging in accordance with your brand guidelines, without being too obvious, and streamlining your product offering. 

When it's done well - which our impressive customer stories show, even if we do say so ourselves - merchandising is a brilliant way to hold the customers' curiosity and get them to choose your items over a competitor. 

Even if they don't put your item in their basket straight away, we'll help you create eye-catching displays that linger in the brain, bringing window shoppers back into the store and making that all-important purchase. 

Whether you’re looking for solutions that work fast or are thinking of implementing long-term strategy that will set you apart from the rest, we can give you the right tools for the job.

How can Dee Set's industry-leading technology and retail merchandisers help brands make an impact?

Our field team solutions and data-led calls have not only innovated - but elevated - how a retail merchandiser operates within the industry. 

We know that your products are personal. So, when you first get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your needs, we offer you a tailored solution that can fit into your existing marketing plans or help you create a new and exciting strategy.

There's nothing we love more than getting our teeth into a fresh challenge, which means we are able to handle as much or as little of the process as you'd like. 

Our staff has the ability to optimise and expedite the merchandising journey from start to end. From very cosy beginnings in our specially-fitted warehouse to finding their true homes on the shelves or displays in your chosen shop locations, we go above and beyond to deliver wow-worthy solutions that fit your vision. 

Our merchandisers number in the thousands, working flexibly to create ways to showcase products that excite customers and maximise return on investment

We can also pivot our work to suit your targets, making sure that stock levels are at optimum levels and that re-orders are flowing throughout the sales funnel.

coca cola packs

Track your brand’s evolution with data crunching merchandising software

It's no secret that merchandising software can streamline in-store offering while giving brands key insights when it comes to customer behaviour, compliance adherence, and planogram matching. 

At Dee Set, we use technology to electrify every inch of our process, from the tablets and image recognition software used by our field sales teams during data-led calls to organising tasks and communication. 

This tech certainly comes in handy, as we complete a whopping 40,000 merchandising hours per week.

Thanks to these intelligent solutions - powered by Reapp, our cloud-based image recognition and object detection software - essential KPIs can be easily tracked and analysed from anywhere. 

Our platform offers seamless flexibility, giving you the power to access data-capture systems and cutting-edge resource planning solutions wherever and whenever you need them. 

Looking to allocate tasks? You can easily integrate workflows - yours or ours - based on vital metrics such as location, skill or cost. It’s all about working smarter, not harder.

So whether you're focusing on planograms, facings or POS, gap counts, or incoming orders following a campaign, we can give you instant insights from over 3 billion units of fresh, tasty data. 

We produce reports that allow businesses to see the impact of their marketing, right from the word go. Informed by data that's true to life and hyper accurate, we give brands the power to pivot as and when they want to - something that can give you a significant edge over the competition. 

To find out how we can create a tailored merchandising plan for your brand, get in touch with our friendly team of analysts today. 

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