Mental health awareness week: “It's ok, to not be ok" Dee Set trains colleagues as mental health firstaiders

Written by 
Dee Set Staff
4 August, 2021

We’ve trained 20 of our colleagues as Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA) to help teammates throughout the business with mental health support.

With many of our team working at home or remotely, we’ve been proactive to ensure our colleagues’ mental health is as high a priority as their physical wellbeing.

In an initiative devised by our People Manager Pam Buso, our colleagues volunteered to become Mental Health First Aiders and attended several days of interactive training. This approach ensured they are now well equipped to provide genuine mental health support to our teammates throughout the business.

Rob Slaski, Chief Operating Officer said: “Dee Set colleagues are the heartbeat of our company and provide an exceptional retail service to our clients throughout the UK. When Covid-19 struck, we were acutely aware of the human impact it could have on our teammates – especially those working directly at the retail front line.

In January 2020 we launched our own internal social media platform that enabled instant two-way dialogue with every individual in our business. Our employees shared their stories, from baking cakes to taking walks or cycling in the hills!

Rob Slaski continues: “It was a delight to see colleagues take to the platform from the outset, immediately encouraging each other by sharing stories about their life and work during the pandemic.

“It was instantly clear that most of the team were not going to be diminished by the virus. However, amongst the positive outpourings, there were also those who bravely expressed their fears.

“Our social media platform reminded us that everyone is different and has unique concerns based on their own circumstances. We challenged ourselves to shield our most vulnerable colleagues and provide for those who needed it.

“At that point, one of our People Managers, Pam Buso, stepped forward with the MHFA initiative. Pam led the way, encouraging us to invest in training colleagues as Mental Health First Aiders and when we asked for candidates we were overwhelmed with the number of teammates who stepped forward to help!

“Now our 20 Mental Health First Aiders use the company’s internal social media platform to stay connected with colleagues and offer everyone the facility of confidential support through online messages, emails and phone calls.

“Of course, it remains hard to predict the twists and turns ahead, but with the help of our new systems and super-engaged colleagues, we’re better equipped than ever to provide the best possible Dee Set service!”

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