Maximising ROI with Effective Field Marketing Campaigns

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13 September, 2023

Maximising your field marketing ROI (return on investment) is incredibly important for any modern business. Of course, you’ll want to track your field marketing strategy to ensure it remains effective, and your return on investment is a key way to measure its success.

Once you've decided on a new strategy, you should analyse the data so that you can improve your field marketing efforts as your campaign progresses. After you’ve examined your performance, you can use the actionable insights gained  to make important changes to your future campaigns.

At Dee Set, we’re a leading retail and field marketing company based in the UK. Our expert team revolutionises the world of business with our advanced marketing solutions. In this article, we'll run through some of the most effective ways you can maximise your field marketing ROI, before putting them into action.

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ROI - What is it, and why is it so important?

First things first, you need to understand what ROI is

ROI is a performance marker that refers to the efficiency and profitability of an investment. The return (or profit) is measured directly against the cost of the investment. To be profitable, the return should be greater than the investment - the greater the profit, the more successful the investment.

Technically, an investment can be anything within the world of business, including your field marketing campaigns. In these situations, you ideally want your campaigns to bring in more custom than they cost to instigate. 

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So, how can you maximise the field marketing ROI of your campaigns?

As any good business knows, measuring the performance of your marketing campaigns is imperative to your success. It's important to have dedicated processes built into your brand, so that you can work out a true marketing ROI for your individual campaigns.

Not only can this data help you to improve traffic and conversions, but it can also be utilised when improving your field marketing campaigns further down the line.

Let's have a look at some of the key tactics that you can use to improve your ROI in the field.

Elevate the customer experience

Your customers are your bread and butter. Exploring the customer journey is crucial when implementing a new field marketing strategy, and it can also be used to effectively maximise your ROI. You want to create a rewarding and impactful customer shopping experience, as this will lead to increased customer loyalty and retainment.

So, how can you improve the shopping experience for your customers?

Two words: Product interaction. 

You can add value to the customer experience by enabling consumers to try your products out in real time. Allowing people to test your products lets them see how they work, as well as showing the benefits your items have when compared to your competitors. 

This factor can be seen in statistics from The Product Sampling Study, conducted by Arbitron and Edison Media. The results of this study show that 35% of people who try your products in person are likely to purchase them on the same day, making product interaction extremely lucrative.

Product sampling gives you the tools to directly appeal to people’s senses, enabling them to touch, taste and see your items in real time. When combined with our eye-catching visual merchandising techniques, you will be onto a winner. Our merchandising team can help you to really set your brand apart, by refining your in-store presence to draw the attention of potential customers towards your products.

As well as increasing your overall engagement, reach and sales, product sampling can also help you to improve your ROI and dwell times, keeping people in-store longer as a result.

Revamp the customer journey

Another important aspect of the customer experience is the customer journey. By analysing the pathway your customers use when buying your products, you can take steps to improve the experience.

The customer journey is the sales pipeline that potential customers encounter when purchasing from your business - from the first enquiry right through to the point of sale. Mapping this journey out before committing to a new strategy is key to the success of your business. This will help you to understand the process your customers face when purchasing your products, identifying any hurdles that crop up. 

Once you’ve assessed the customer journey, you can enhance and upgrade the pipeline, creating a smoother customer experience and increasing loyalty. The aim is to make the journey easier - not only will this increase customer retention, but it will also give your profitability and ROI a boost.

At Dee Set, we can manage the entire customer journey for you, using our dedicated image recognition tech to judge how accessible your items are for your customers. We utilise the latest EPOS data to provide a greater understanding of how your items are performing in-store, via the use of various touch points within your space.

Understanding your customer's needs, purchasing behaviours, and demographics allows you to make impactful strategic decisions, setting your business up for the ultimate win.

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Monitor your promotional efforts

When conducting a new field marketing campaign, one of the most important aspects to consider is your promotional efforts. After all, if your customer base isn’t aware that your products exist, how can they be expected to make a purchase?

Attracting the right audience is the first step towards increasing your sales and ROI - once you’ve got your customers through the door, you also need to ensure they purchase your products once inside.

Physical stores offer a unique experience that online retailers are unable to match, enabling you to utilise your in-store promotional displays and FSDUs (free standing display units) efficiently to attract the right people. If you employ your displays correctly, you can create a seamless shopping experience for visitors, guiding them through your store on an effective customer journey. 

But which offers should you integrate into your store? 

The answer to that question largely depends on the store itself and the products you sell. However, some of the more popular promotional ideas on offer include:

  • BOGOF (otherwise known as Buy One Get One Free)
  • In-aisle promotional displays
  • Set price discounts
  • Multibuy savings
  • Store card membership savings

Your FSDUs can be effectively utilised to show off your in-store promotions, so it’s important to implement clear instructions within your field marketing strategy to reflect this. Approximately 80% of everything we learn is captured through the eye, so it’s crucial that you make your displays as eye-catching as possible. Adding bold colours, signs and product tags will draw the eye, making your items appear more attractive to your customers. 

It’s a clear fact that FSDUs work, allowing your brand to be seen through all the other in-store noise. However, they require extra floor space, which can drive your costs up. This factor means that it’s incredibly important to get your FSDU promotions right, so you’re not wasting money that could be spent elsewhere. 

This is where Dee Set comes in. We can help you to integrate your new promotions into your store, monitoring their success once implemented. Once we’ve got the data, we can accurately use this information to inform your future strategies, allowing you to capitalise on your ROI.

With Dee Set’s innovative image recognition software, you can accurately monitor your promotional campaigns, utilising the information gained to improve your future field marketing strategies. Once we’ve run the data, you can weigh up the costs of your promotional efforts, enabling you to allocate funds towards the areas that need them the most. Not only will monitoring your in-store promotions allow you to create better strategies in the future, but it will also allow you to measure your ROI effectively.

Crack your audience

Before implementing a new field marketing strategy, it's important to work out exactly who your audience is. Your demographics may shift depending on the product you’re pushing and the campaign you’re utilising, so understanding your audience is a necessity.

You may already have an idea of who your target market is, but conducting pre-campaign research will ensure your strategy is a success. Armed with this data, you can then tailor your field marketing efforts towards your key demographics. There's no point in pushing products to people that aren't interested, which is where targeting comes in.

Researching your audience accurately will amplify your traffic and conversions, fueling the customer experience by guiding consumers towards more suitable products/services. You need to really understand your audience’s behaviour, allowing you to tailor the in-store experience to their wants and needs. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who are your customers?
  • What are your customers looking for?
  • How can you manage customer pain points?
  • How can you improve the customer experience?
  • What makes your products better than your competitors?
  • What makes consumers reach for certain products over others?

By researching and measuring actionable data based around customer behaviour, you can gain impactful answers to these questions. At Dee Set, we use our informative Reapp solution to accurately eliminate the guesswork, giving you razor-sharp insights into your target audience. 

Data analytics can be utilised effectively to identify your most loyal clients, enabling you to target your promotional activities to your target demographics. 

The benefits don't stop there though. You can ensure that your future campaigns don't go to waste, as you'll be directly targeting people that actually want to buy your products and engage with your brand. This makes the risk of unsuccessful campaigns much lower, ensuring money isn't wasted on pointless exercises. 

Metrics that matter: Make the data work for you

In the modern age, data analytics has become an indispensable asset for any business. Marketing analytics tools are the golden ticket to success and should be implemented into every field marketing campaign you run. As well as creating the perfect strategy, your marketing metrics can also be used to provide in-depth insights during your campaign.

By tracking a range of actionable metrics, you can find out what works and what doesn't, using this data to improve your future marketing efforts. Setting clear business goals is a must in this area - without a defined set of marketing goals, you have nothing to compare your metrics against. 

You can use data analytics to track your brand awareness and reach, which is a crucial performance gauge of your field marketing activity. Our advanced data analytics tech can help you compare your post-campaign results against pre-campaign benchmarks, showing how your reach has changed over time. 

At Dee Set, our cutting-edge field marketing technology propels us forwards, providing fresh performance insights in an instant. We can make waves remotely, or we can send our field agents out to capture impactful photos with our image recognition software. 

This tech can be utilised to judge the status of your in-store displays and promotions, creating razor-sharp insights within seconds. Our expert team of field marketers and analysts can calculate your current engagement and reach by finding out what works and what doesn’t. This data can then be used to improve your in-store field marketing operations and ROI in the future.

Our advanced tech crunches the numbers to produce important data within minutes, using our innovative marketing tool Reapp to scan, analyse and produce data magic in minutes. 

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From investment to impact: Lead the way with Dee Set

Calculating your marketing ROI is an important part of any modern business model, showing you exactly how effective your field marketing campaigns have been. By utilising a range of different metrics and techniques, you can ensure you have the key to success, making changes to improve your future strategies.

At Dee Set, we’re a company of experts, aiming to help retailers and brands across the UK with our innovative data-led approach to field marketing. We can help you improve the stature of your business, increasing both your ROI and the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

We offer a wide range of services, including merchandising, promotional compliance, fulfilment and stock management, using our cutting-edge tech to ramp up your strategy.

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