Dee Set Group launches new data and tech solution - Reapp

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Dee Set Staff
28 April, 2022

A data and tech journey

Earlier this year, we announced that we’d drive digital transformation in retail field marketing, and as part of our ambitious plans we would create a data and tech solution that would lead to marketing-leading insights that both retailers and brands could benefit from globally.

Well, we’ve done just that. Today the Dee Set Group is proud to launch Reapp.

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Introducing Reapp

After reinvesting over £10 million into our data and technology in recent years, and with a further £7 million worth of investment planned by 2025, Reapp is a suite of bespoke, cutting-edge software applications that empowers brands and retailers to smash their targets. By harvesting the very best data from a wide range of sources, Reapp simplifies that information to generate decisive sales actions at the shelf edge. As a result, product availability and compliance are optimised, and you reap the success of increased sales and greater ROI.

Put succinctly, Reapp is your friend in the field. It makes the complex, simple, and the unseen, seen.

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Real insights. Real time. Real handy!

Reapp’s services are split across three areas:

Reapp Analytics: Is the brain of Reapp. It harvests data from all sources and delivers them through our bespoke software, so that real decisions can be made in real time in the field, to deliver real results

Reapp Performance: Our mobile enabled software, with leading image recognition technology works in partnership with Reapp Analytics to provide sales and stock insights, plus prioritised actions to field teams, keeping you one step ahead of the competition                 

Reapp Rewards: Our cutting-edge promotional software collects data direct from the retailer, giving you real-time insights into what products they are buying, where from and how. This knowledge makes your retailer relationships even more rewarding

Pretty cool, right?

We could give you the full sell here, but we’d rather you go check out Reapp in all its glory over on the new website we have launched – We’re really chuffed with it.

Make sure to check out our case studies, they’ll show you what we do not only works again and again for our customers, but could for you too.

Seen or heard enough? Send us an enquiry, book a demo and we’ll show you first hand the power of insights!

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