Mother's Day gift card merchandising delivered by Incomm

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Dee Set Staff
8 January, 2021

Everybody loves to receive a gift card! They also solve the dilemma of what to give to our friends, family, and colleagues as that special gift much easier – especially during the pandemic So, making sure gift cards are eye-catching and easily accessible to shoppers goes without saying. That’s where we step in. 

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Dee Set recently worked with Incomm on their gift card offering for Mother’s Day across 217 Asda stores Nationwide.

Our specialist merchandising team were asked to organise and pre-pack multiple gift cards into store parcels, ready for Mother’s Day themed Counter Display Units (CDUs) to be filled in store. Our team were briefed to deliver the CDUs and gift card store parcels directly into the retailer’s DCs using our in-house Fleet team.

Dee Set merchandisers were then asked to implement and merchandise these units within a three-day period.No problem! Here’s what we did.


Our in-house Contract Packing team pre-packed 82,440 individual gift cards into parcels ready to fill 1,832 Mother’s Day CDUs which were sited at checkout points within the stores.

Each of the 217 Asda stores had 8/9 units at checkout points per store. Counter Display Units, like these Incomm Mother’s Day ones, are a great visual merchandising solution to encourage impulse purchases and  most importantly, make your product stand out in-store!

Our team visited 100% of the stores that Incomm asked us to visit within a three-day merchandising window. This ensured maximum availability and sales opportunities for the brand during this peak seasonal sales period.


  • implemented and merchandised 1,832 CDUs in 217 Asda stores.
  • 82,440 gift cards picked & pre-packed into store parcels which then headed to Asda.
  • Our in-house Fleet team delivered the gift card parcels and units directly to the retailer’s DCs.
  • 100% of stores were visited.
  • We were 96.3% compliant!!

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