Counter Display Unit (CDU) To The Rescue

Written by 
Dee Set Staff
27 July, 2021

Counter Display Units (CDUs) are off-shelf POS heroes that make your product stand out in-store and sales income rise.

So, what’s so special? CDUs can adapt to any shape or size of your liking. The fully customised solutions provide clients with an opportunity to be unique and create tailor-made kits that suit their needs.

We recently worked with 3M who opted for a hook display coupled with eye-catching visuals to showcase their Command products within Morrisons’ stores.

Why get CDUs?

To stand out from the crowd and make sure your product catches the eye of shoppers, especially those impulse purchases. 

Their compact and lightweight design doesn’t require too much foot space either, so they are ideal for most retailers.

Where is the best place to site a CDU?

CDUs are best placed at point of sale (POS) or point of purchase (POP) areas within retailers. Till or other high traffic areas offer a great opportunity to entice your customer and increase your retail sales.

CDUs are the perfect choice to promote anything from hanging solutions to confectionery giving your brand a visual presence in a retail environment.

Make it happen

Get in touch to find out what we can do to make your CDU dreams come true!

Here at Dee Set we have the experience and expertise to ensure that your CDU meets your sales objectives whilst complying with retailer requirements.

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