Demos Boost Sales for Nivea

Written by 
Dee Set Staff
26 July, 2021

Want to shout about your product in-store? We can help you do that! So, whilst we can’t claim to be A-List celebrities, we can bring products to life through our in-store demo’s.

Here’s what we did for Nivea who wanted help raising awareness of their sun safety campaign.

Our Challenge

Nivea wanted to educate shoppers by making their summer sun safety campaign fun and exciting across a major UK’s retailer.

Our dedicated marketing team were asked to engage audiences and bring attention to the ‘Have more fun in the Sun’ campaign, playing an integral role in increasing sales of their new factor 50 Kid’s Roll-On Coloured Sun Creams (which are really lovely by the way).


We love the opportunity to be creative and took on this challenge with vigour.

The client was given various creative themes and opted for a British summer at the seaside campaign. We set to work and visualised the in-store demo’s through a variety of props, including the traditional face-in-the-hole board us Brits always seem to love.

We organised for our band of bright and friendly Brand Ambassadors to be given training on Nivea’s sun safety products to make sure they were armed with the information to fully and professionally represent the client brand. We take this bit very seriously by the way, as we see our client brand as our own.

The Results

  • All UK stores were resourced to interact with as many shoppers as possible
  • The in-store marketing team covered all stores with 100% attendance!
  • Our Ambassadors engaged with over 3,000 customers – 30% of which had never purchased from Nivea prior to our demonstration
  • Nivea saw an impressive 68% sales lift on the focus product of the day

In-store product demonstrations are a fantastic way to make your product jump off the shelf and build visibility for your brand.

Want results like Nivea? Get in touch today to find out what when can do to boost your sales!

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