PRESS RELEASE: Dee Set Group Announce Hallmark Field Merchandising Team Integration and Pledge £7Million Investment by 2025

Written by 
Dee Set Staff
25 January, 2023

Dee Set Group, a leading retail service provider, today announces that they have extended their partnership with Hallmark: Hallmark’s field merchandising operations will transfer to the Dee Set Group during Q1 2023.

Having worked alongside Dee Set for several years, the partnership provides Hallmark the opportunity to strengthen the service levels it provides to customers and increase its reach within the UK market.

Dee Set Group is a privately owned company which continually invests in data and technology. This commitment to investment has enabled Dee Set Group to bring the latest innovations to support field marketing to the retail sector. To date, they have reinvested £10 million of profits into data and technology and are planning to invest a further £7 million by 2025.

Dee Set’s continued investment in data and technology provides Hallmark with the opportunity to maximise the effectiveness of its in-store activities through data-led insights and to solidify its position as the market leader.

Greg Phillips, CEO at Dee Set Group said; “As the UK’s leading retail service provider, the integration of Hallmark’s field marketing team not only cements our position as sector leaders, but also ensures that Dee Set Group expands and brings new, innovative technology to the retail world. Our core team of field merchandisers will have a constant, high quality level of service delivery for all our clients.”

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