Petface MOA Support in Asda Supermarkets 

Written by 
Dee Set Staff
21 August, 2023

The Situation 

Petface is a leading brand in the pet products industry and has been a long-standing Asda partner brand featured in a growing number of stores. As part of Dee Set’s ongoing support to Petface, merchandisers visit stores twice a week to process delivery stock and merchandise it on the bays on the shop floor. 

Whilst the brand has proved popular with Asda’s customers, for Petface it has been difficult for them to monitor their on shelf and stock availability accurately – potentially resulting in missed sales opportunities. 


The Solution 

Petface invested in Dee Set’s Mobile Ordering Application, which sees Dee Set merchandisers use the technology at the shelf edge in 105 stores to capture real-time, accurate inventory and capacity information across all SKU’s for the brand, specific to each store. An order report is then generated to replenish stock and boost future sales. 

This solution has been a major success for Petface, saving the brand time and money by reducing the need for manual order taking and stock management. The Mobile Ordering App technology has also improved the overall customer experience by ensuring that products are always available and are well-stocked. 

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The Outcomes 

Petface and Dee Set’s Mobile Ordering App collaboration has proven to be a winning combination, leading to increased product visibility, sales and customer satisfaction as it rolls out across more Asda stores. 

  • 80% - Number of stores that saw month on month sales growth following the implementation of the MOA into store visits  
  • 130% - The biggest month on month store sales growth figure recorded  
  • 18% - Average month on month sales growth recorded in store 

"With the MOA, there is no doubt that this has enabled us to increase our sales. There is no way we would be able to control this effectively from head office and being on location with the app is vital to avoid out of stocks and ensure there is product on fixture for the customer to purchase." 

Richard Rees Jones, Commercial Manager - Petcare, LeisureGrow 

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