Over 800 FSDUs Rolled Out For 3M in Wilkos!

Written by 
Dee Set Staff
3 August, 2021

What better way to stand out in-store than a vibrant yellow branded FSDU? 3M, the brand of all things useful and innovative, wanted to showcase their handy products in Wilko stores nationwide.

Our Brief

3M needed a free-standing display unit (FSDU) to stand out in over 800 Wilko stores. The hook display FSDU was required to showcase three different varieties of Command strips. We provided branded POS hook displays using a strengthened corrugated cardboard design to entice customers in stores.


We completed the production, build and delivery to all 865 Wilko stores within just seven days. Each hook display FSDU was delivered pre-filled with the product ready to display. This easy-implementation POS ensured that store staff were able to locate on the shop floor quickly and efficiently. Each FSDU had a printed top header that was slotted onto the stand ensuring each unit was clearly on brand.

The Results

In our warehouse we individually assembled each hook display FSDU, ensuring every hook and mop tray were securely fitted to the stand. Optional mop trays are a great way to protect the base of your stand during shop floor cleaning. Our team filled each display with the product and packaged the unit ready for distribution using transit fitments to hold the product firmly in place during handling.

In Summary

  • 865 FSDUs built, filled and distributed into Wilko stores
  • 100% correct build standard
  • 100% FSDUs delivered on time
  • We completed the brief in an impressive seven-day period

Are you ready to make your brand stand out in-store?

Whether it’s promotional, seasonal, new launch or brand awareness – we have you covered! Our creative team can work with you to think outside of the box to appeal perfectly to customers. We’re FSDU experts and make the process super simple with our end-to-end support from designing the FSDU, right the way to getting it in stores and in prime position on the shop floor.

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