Our 1st year anniversary - Dee Set & Tactical Solutions

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Dee Set Staff
4 August, 2021

We’re celebrating our first anniversary with Tactical Solutions!

Last year we acquired one of the UK’s leading Field Marketing agencies, Tactical Solutions, to become part of the Dee Set Group.

Established in 2001, Tactical Solutions work with some of the UK’s biggest brands in the retail and FMCG sectors. Completing over 3,500+ store visits each week, Tactical Solutions drive brand sales, product availability and data-led insights utilising their bespoke software that links to retailer’s real-time data.

Having two large Field teams that can be engaged in different activities means we have the largest skilled team in the UK on the ground in stores each day of the week. We’ve enhanced our service offering with complementary technology and in-store expertise and are accredited in many major retailers including Sainsbury’s, Asda, Wilko and Coop!

During this past year, we have accelerated our growth ambitions through sharing our industry-leading technology such as Recognise, our bespoke image recognition software and TS Eye, our live data feed which provides actionable insights to drive the best ROI.

Collaborating with our team of Data Scientists with Tactical Solutions’ TS Eye software has accelerated the speed of development to enable us to provide our clients with actionable insights which drive decision making, helping our clients to use their budget in the most effective way to achieve their goals.

Data is at the heart of what we do and by working together we’re able to be at the right store, at the right time, with the right intervention on the right product category – all of these data-based decisions deliver the best ROI for our clients!

By uniting together we bring a blend of different complementary skills and strengths, from designing and manufacturing POS to picking, packing and distributing stock to capturing data at the shelf edge, driving 24/7 availability and visibility for our branded partners.

Cathy Evans, Managing Director at Tactical Solutions said: “We’ve had the most amazing year, not only recovering from the COVID -19 challenges but actively growing the business.

“We are hungry and ambitious to really capitalise on all of the amazing data software tools we have been developing in the past year, and with the added benefit of the tech developments, we have some unrivalled capabilities within Tactical Solutions.

“We are actively talking to a number of major brands who are keen to use our new tools to drive ROI and brand performance through greater efficiencies, insight and directive action that follows.

“2021 is shaping up to be a really exciting year where we will be showcasing some new innovative ways of working and step-changing delivery once again!”

Find out more about Tactical Solutions: here.

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