Hop into Easter Retail: From Eggs to Home Goods and Everything In-Between!

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Dee Set Staff
23 March, 2023

With the spread of Christianity, Easter has been observed in the UK as a religious festival for as long as can be recorded – where gifting eggs served as a sign of fresh life and rebirth. However, the Spring seasonal event we’ve all grown to relate with copious amounts of chocolate was first commercialised in the UK in the late 19th century.

Easter chocolate eggs were first produced by Cadbury in 1875. Although it wasn’t until the confectioner added its famous Dairy Milk chocolate to the eggs in 1905, when everything changed as we know it.

Since then, other confectioners like Nestlé and Mars started making Easter eggs, and the custom of giving Easter eggs as gifts has only continued to grow, whilst the popularity of other Easter-themed goods like hot cross buns and décor has also continued to rise.

Today, supermarkets and shops provide a wide range of items and specials with Easter themes, making Easter one of the most significant holidays for merchants in the UK.

Not just a time for the Confectionary category to egg-cel

It’s not all about chocolate, hot cross buns and lamb though, several non-food categories tend to perform well during the Easter season in retail, where we welcome in Spring and the start of warmer days and brighter nights. These include:

Home goods

Customers frequently take advantage of the Easter holiday to update their homes with spring-themed decor, including floral arrangements, pastel-coloured linens, and home fragrance products.

Clothing and accessories

The Easter holiday and spring fashion trends, similarly to home décor, frequently coincide, with pastel colours, flowery patterns, and airy fabrics being popular choices for apparel and accessories.

Beauty and personal care

In the spring, customers may change up their beauty regimens by using lighter skincare products and cosmetics hues that are in keeping with Easter themes, welcoming a raft of NPD opportunities.

Toys and games

Shops can provide a variety of toys and games with Spring and Easter themes, including family-friendly games, puzzles, and outdoor toys.

Greeting cards and stationery

Shops can provide a selection of stationery and greeting cards with Easter-themed designs for customers to send to friends and family or use for their own personal correspondence.

Gardening supplies

As spring approaches, gardening items like seeds, equipment, and planters may also do well throughout the Easter season, especially since many customers could be seeking to spend more time outside.

Going the eggs-tra mile

Shops who can cater to Easter themes and the spring season by carrying a variety of items in a number of categories, both food and non-food, are likely to enjoy a rise in sales during this period. Although many individuals in the UK still observe traditional practises and attend church services on Easter, it is crucial to strike a balance between Easter's commercialisation and its religious and cultural significance.

Particularly in the confectionery sector, there has been a growing movement towards ethical and sustainable Easter goods in recent years. To lessen their influence on the environment, some businesses have started employing sustainable cacao and packaging materials. To appeal to customers that value sustainability, retailers may also want to offer products that are morally and environmentally soundly sourced.

Don’t be treading on shells!

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