Celebrating Success: Helix Hooks Deliver Impressive Results for Asda

Written by 
Dee Set Staff
15 November, 2023

In the dynamic landscape of retail, combating losses due to theft poses a significant challenge for major players like Asda. Faced with mounting security costs and the pressing need to protect high-value products, Asda sought an innovative solution to deter thieves and fortify its extensive network of over 600 stores.

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The Challenge:

Asda, a retail giant with over 600 stores, was grappling with substantial losses caused by retail theft. Escalating security costs and shrinking profit margins prompted the need for a forward-thinking approach to safeguard high-value products and deter potential thieves.

Our Solutions:

In response to the challenge, a focused 9-week program was initiated, deploying an exceptional 172,600 patented Helix Hooks strategically placed in high-theft areas across all store formats. The efficiency of retrofitting these devices onto existing shelving and racks, coupled with the unique curved design of the hooks, not only effectively secured products but also allowed genuine shoppers to browse with ease. The entire installation, covering all 604 store locations, was followed by a meticulous 3-week snagging period to ensure perfection. A total investment of 7,920 hours was dedicated to outfitting displays with Helix Hooks, proactively reducing theft opportunities.

The Outcomes:

Within a mere 3 months of completing the rollout, the results surpassed expectations. The implemented security measures are predicted to slash shrinkage to a point where the cost of implementation will be recovered within the year. Asda has expressed commendation for the conducted work, leading to further awards and recognition for the successful initiative.

This case study showcases how innovative solutions, such as Helix Hooks, can not only address pressing challenges but also yield remarkable results that contribute to the long-term success of a retail giant like Asda.

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