Fulfilment and delivery of over 1,800 fitness FSDUs within a leading retailer!

Written by 
Dee Set Staff
3 August, 2021

Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand, regular gym goers will know that no protein powder will get into their basket without flipping it around first to read the fine print about what vitamins and protein they’re getting for their gram.

So let’s tell you how we make sure our partners get bang for their buck with FSDUs!


A popular nutrition brand set out to launch within one of the UK’s leading grocers wanted to make a statement by using branded FSDUs in stores.

Packed with protein product, the FSDUs held 7,500 individual items of stock, equating to an incredible 45 tonnes of protein powder, ready for customers in-store within an impressive three-week turnaround!


We received delivery of the products from the brand and set up a work area dedicated to the huge number of FSDUs. Our Contract Packing team built each sturdy FSDU and filled it with products following the brand’s planogram.

Our Distribution team then securely distributed the pre-filled FSDUs to stores, ready to stand out for their launch!


  • 1,800 FSDUs built and prefilled
  • Delivered to stores by our Distribution team
  • 100% compliance

Are you ready to make an impact in-store?

FSDUs are our badge of honour, from holding small cosmetics to bottles of wine, we have all the knowledge to create the perfect FSDU for your needs.

The combination of our end-to-end service offering and a 4,000 strong team of Merchandisers ensure we generate fantastic results through day one compliance of over 95%.

Whether you’re launching a new product, are on promotion or just want to raise brand awareness and boost sales – an FSDU is a perfect way to get in front of customers and in their baskets.

Let’s get started! Get in touch and we’ll pull out all of the stops to get your product noticed.

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