Enhancing Store Readiness: Unlocking Efficiency through Product Reworking

Written by 
Dee Set Staff
8 November, 2023

The UK grocery market is set to grow by 11.3% by 2027, with discounters expected to be the fastest-growing grocery channel as the cost-of-living crisis replaces Covid as the key challenge to the sector. With that in mind, product readiness and availability are key to ensuring you remain competitive and earn your share of consumer spend in your category.

How product reworking can open new and undiscovered potential

Ensure products are prepared efficient for store shelves is crucial for brands and retailers to satisfy consumer demand and maximise sales. Product reworking is a method for obtaining this readiness that is frequently ignored. It can help uncover efficiency gains, expand brands market reach, and promote overall business success by redesigning products to meet certain shop requirements, such as reduced pack sizes or improving product presentation. With a focus on store preparedness, we will examine the advantages and methods of maximising efficiency through product reworking in this article. We will also discuss how Dee Set, yup that’s us, can help with this process.

Tailoring Products to Store Specifications:

Brands and retailers can customise their offers to match requirements by reworking their products. To accommodate customer preferences, supermarkets frequently demand reduced pack sizes or have limited shelf space. Brands may maximise their chances of obtaining prominent shelf placements and enhance their visibility to potential customers by redesigning products to meet these requirements. This personalisation makes sure that the goods are prepared for the best possible display, which ultimately boosts sales and brand recognition.

Enhanced Store Shelf Presentation:

Brands can improve the aesthetic appeal and presentation of their products on store shelves by revising their products. Brands can develop eye-catching displays that draw customers in and set them apart from rivals by changing packaging, labelling, or product designs. Packaging that catches the eye and is visually appealing can encourage impulse buying from customers and enhance the shopping experience. Modifying products can also improve product’s shelf presence and have a big impact on sales and brand perception.

Increased Market Access:

Reworking a product creates new market prospects and increases brand reach. Brands can enter new retail channels and reach a larger client base by rearranging product sizes or formats to comply with retailer needs. Brands can enter the expanding convenience retail market, for instance, by modifying products to fit the shelves of convenience stores. Brands can take advantage of market opportunities, boost market share, and promote company growth by redesigning products to satisfy the requirements of various retail channels.

Efficient Reworking Strategies

We’re experts when it comes to reworking products ready for stores. Our knowledge and solutions can help you develop successful redesigning strategies, and our knowledgeable staff and cutting-edge facilities are set up to manage a variety of reworking needs, such as packaging changes, label revisions, or repackaging to adhere to store-specific standards. With a keen eye for detail, we guarantee that your redesigned products adhere to shop policies and satisfy high standards, ensuring a seamless incorporation onto store shelves.

We’ll work collaboratively with you to comprehend store specific requirements and goals and will create bespoke reworking solutions that maximise shop readiness, while keeping brand identity and visibility.

Rework. Reorder. Repeat.

If you’re looking to gain considerable advantages from increasing efficiency through product reworking, then look no further than us. We’ll help you generate efficiency gains, optimise market access, and maximise sales potential by customising items to meet store standards. As a result, we’ll improve your shelf presentation and help you potentially enter new markets.

To learn how our experience and customised solutions may assist your product reworking needs, and to advance your retail success, get in touch right away.

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