Clip, Clip and Away

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Dee Set Staff
26 January, 2023

A straightforward yet useful tool, clipstrips are available in supermarkets all around the world. Products are hung from shelves using these plastic or metal strips with clips at the top, which increases their visibility and accessibility to customers.

Why use clipstrips for your products?

Clipstrips have been around for years and are a firm favourite, but what makes them so popular in supermarkets?

Increased Visibility

Products can be suspended at eye level using clipstrips, which makes them more obvious to customers and is one of their key benefits. For smaller or lesser-known brands that might find it difficult to compete with bigger, more well-known names on crowded shelves, this can be very helpful. Retailers can raise the likelihood that customers will notice and buy these products by hanging them from clipstrips.

Easy to Stock

Clipstrips also make it simple for store members or our field team to reload shelves, which is another advantage. Employees can save time and effort by just hanging the goods from the clipstrip as opposed to painstakingly placing each item on a shelf. This can be particularly helpful during busy times, like the holiday season, when store personnel can be overworked and are in need of prompt restocking.


Flexibility when it comes to displays and layout is key. Clipstrips are simple to move or rearrange, enabling shops to reorganise their shelves and design eye-catching displays in no time. Retailers wishing to showcase specific products or designate themed displays may find this to be extremely helpful.


Clipstrips can be a useful tool for maximising space in smaller businesses or when there is a shortage of shelf space. Retailers may showcase more products without using up valuable shelf space by making use of this vertical space. By making it simpler for customers to identify and buy things, this can help businesses generate more sales and profit.


Last but not least, clipstrips are a reasonably priced choice for retailers wishing to display products. They’re an economical option for smaller businesses or those on a tight budget because they are easy to use and require little setup.

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What products do clipstrips work best for?

Generally speaking, clipstrips are most effective with compact and light objects. They may not be able to withstand the weight, hence they are often not ideal for larger or heavier things.

Here is a list of just a few use situations we encounter:

  1. Snacks and confectionary: Bags of crisps, sweets, and other small snacks are frequently displayed using clipstrips.
  2. Health and beauty products: You may hang things like cosmetics, hair products, and over-the-counter medications using clipstrips.
  3. Office supplies: Pencils, pencil sharpeners, and other small office supplies can be hung from clipstrips.
  4. Hardware and home improvement products: Shoppers may easily access small tools and other hardware items by hanging them from clipstrips.
  5. Toys: Toys and other novelty items can be displayed using clipstrips.
  6. Electronics: You may hang things like phone cases, chargers, and other small electronic accessories with clipstrips.

Some other points to consider

So you’re pretty familiar now with why and what, but here are a few more things that solidify why we think clipstrips are king in maximising those sales in store:

  1. Available in a range of sizes: Clipstrips come in a range of sizes and lengths to accommodate a range of product types and sizes.
  2. Customisable: Many retailers choose to add their own branding or colour scheme to their clipstrips. This can reinforce the company's brand identification and assist the store achieve a consistent appearance and feel throughout.
  3. Applied in different settings: Clipstrips are frequently utilised in supermarkets as well as other retail establishments like drugstores, discount shops, and convenience stores.
  4. Used to display multiple kinds of items besides just goods: Clipstrips can also be used to display marketing materials like flyers, coupons, and leaflets.
  5. Combined with other displays to form a unified and aesthetically pleasing display. Examples of other displays that can be combined with clipstrips include shelves, bins, and racks.

Looking for a way for your product to stand out in store?

Both shops and customers can benefit from clipstrips in a variety of ways. They’re a straightforward, but efficient instrument that can assist boost sales and revenue because of the improved visibility, simplicity of stocking, adaptability, and space-saving they provide.

At Dee Set we’re experts when it comes to managing clipstrips from end to end. We’ve got a dedicated team of experts that can manage the process from start to finish, all you need to do is tell us what, when …and leave the rest up to us!

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