An Explosive Success: Partnering with Chestnut Fireworks at Morrisons for the Third Year Running

Written by 
Sam Wilde
23 October, 2023

As the calendar turns to Autumn and the days grow shorter, one thing becomes apparent – fireworks season is upon us once more. This year, we’re thrilled to announce our third consecutive partnership with Chestnut Fireworks in Morrisons stores nationwide. With an experienced and dedicated merchandising team of over 300 employees, we’re all set to bring the magic of fireworks to life and help customers light up the sky during the upcoming festivities.

Setting the Stage for Spectacular Celebrations

In collaboration with Chestnut Fireworks, our skilled merchandising team is gearing up to transform 198 Morrisons stores into fireworks wonderlands. Over the course of a thrilling nine-day period, we’ll showcase an impressive array of over 100 different fireworks to dazzle customers - from vibrant sparklers to jaw-dropping aerial displays reaching over 100m in height, we have it all! Our displays will feature exciting fireworks like The Godfather, Thunder Hawk Rockets, The Punisher multi shot compound cake and the King Kong compound barrage - guaranteeing to delight any firework enthusiast.

Maximising Sales through Expert Merchandising

Our primary mission is to maximise sales and ensure customers have the best fireworks shopping experience. Dee Set's team of experts will be utilising their finest tactics and strategies to showcase the diverse range of fireworks available in Morrisons stores.

We understand the importance of safety and customer satisfaction when it comes to fireworks. Our specially trained team of over 300 merchandisers will be on hand to provide guidance, answer questions, and ensure that customers make informed choices. Our top priority is to help families and communities celebrate safely and in style.

Our merchandisers will also focus on targeted product placement, enticing signage, and compelling displays to capture customer attention. We aim to educate customers on key factors like size, duration, effects, and cost so they can select the perfect fireworks assortment for their celebrations.

A Total Commitment of 13,500 Hours

Our team's expertise and passion for fireworks are what drive our success.

As we embark on this exciting venture, our dedicated team is ready to invest over 13,500 hours to make the magic happen. They’ll work tirelessly, utilising their skills in areas like planogram implementation, display building, product replenishment, and customer service during the fireworks season.

See you soon

Our enduring partnership with Chestnut Fireworks and Morrisons is a testament to the trust we've built and the success we've achieved over the years. We’re proud to continue bringing a touch of sparkle and joy to every community we serve. Last year alone, we helped Morrisons sell over £5 million in fireworks! Our growth and positive feedback reflect our commitment to excellence.

We can't wait to get cracking and help customers light up the sky during the upcoming weeks.

Stay safe and have fun!

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