Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand, regular gym goes will know that no protein powder will get into their basket without flipping it around first to read the fine print about what vitamins and protein they’re getting for their gram.

So let’s tell you how we make sure our partners get bang for their buck with FSDUs!


A popular nutrition brand set out to launch within one of the UK’s leading grocers wanted to make a statement by using branded FSDUs in stores.

Packed with protein product, the FSDUs held 7,500 individual items of stock, equating to an incredible 45 tonnes of protein powder, ready for customers in-store within an impressive three-week turnaround!


We received delivery of the products from the brand and set up a work area dedicated to the huge number of FSDUs. Our Contract Packing team built each sturdy FSDU and filled it with products following the brand’s planogram.

Our Distribution team then securely distributed the pre-filled FSDUs to stores, ready to stand out for their launch!


Are you ready to make an impact in-store?

FSDUs are our badge of honour, from holding small cosmetics to bottles of wine, we have all the knowledge to create the perfect FSDU for your needs.

The combination of our end-to-end service offering and a 4,000 strong team of Merchandisers ensure we generate fantastic results through day one compliance of over 95%.

Whether you’re launching a new product, are on promotion or just want to raise brand awareness and boost sales – an FSDU is a perfect way to get in front of customers and in their baskets.

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What better way to stand out in-store than a vibrant yellow branded FSDU? 3M, the brand of all things useful and innovative, wanted to showcase their handy products in Wilko stores nationwide.

Our Brief

3M needed a free-standing display unit (FSDU) to stand out in over 800 Wilko stores. The hook display FSDU was required to showcase three different varieties of Command strips. We provided branded POS hook displays using a strengthened corrugated cardboard design to entice customers in stores.


We completed the production, build and delivery to all 865 Wilko stores within just seven days. Each hook display FSDU was delivered pre-filled with the product ready to display. This easy-implementation POS ensured that store staff were able to locate on the shop floor quickly and efficiently. Each FSDU had a printed top header that was slotted onto the stand ensuring each unit was clearly on brand.

The Results

In our warehouse we individually assembled each hook display FSDU, ensuring every hook and mop tray were securely fitted to the stand. Optional mop trays are a great way to protect the base of your stand during shop floor cleaning. Our team filled each display with the product and packaged the unit ready for distribution using transit fitments to hold the product firmly in place during handling.

In Summary

Are you ready to make your brand stand out in-store?

Whether it’s promotional, seasonal, new launch or brand awareness – we have you covered! Our creative team can work with you to think outside of the box to appeal perfectly to customers. We’re FSDU experts and make the process super simple with our end-to-end support from designing the FSDU, right the way to getting it in stores and in prime position on the shop floor.

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When it comes to Christmas, we spend big! In 2020, the Brits forked out approximately £24.2 billion on festive gifts! That’s a lot of wrapping. One of the most popular presents we tend to buy are giftsets, whether it’s toiletries, craft sets, confectionery, or cosmetics – you can basically buy any set to suit any person. Also, let’s face it, buying a gift set also makes our lives much easier when we’re in a rush to finish off our Christmas shopping and we’re stuck with the dilemma of what to get!

Without a doubt, Christmas is one of the busiest times on the retailer and brand calendar. It’s super important for them not to miss out on the opportunity to boost sales during the golden quarter by offering seasonal sets that customers love as an easy and quick Christmas present gift idea.

So, let us help!


Dee Set recently supported a major retailer with our Co-pack service, to turn around a project within five days in time for the peak trading season!

The retailer needed our support to package and relabel 45,000 units of product with both speed and accuracy to ensure products could be back on the shelves in stores in time for the busy Christmas shopping period.

Our Christmas elves worked fast to deliver a great project! Here’s what we did.


Our in-house Distribution team collected stock from the retailer’s warehouse using our own vehicle fleet and transported the stock to our 180,000sqft warehouse.

Our Contract Packing carefully unpacked each product, placed the label in the correct position and then repackaged them into boxes in preparation for sending back to the retailer’s distribution centre.


Want to set our Contact Packing Team a challenge?

There’s not much we can’t do!

We add a little bit of magic to the work we do. Our flexibility and capability to respond to individual requirements for each piece of work can be carried out on an ad-hoc or regular basis. Many big-name brands and retailers partner with our Co-Pack team and trust us to deliver thousands of units each week for them. Whether it’s creating gift sets, relabelling, wrapping and security tagging or correcting product faults. Our team have the best attention to detail and have the speedy service to match!

Go on, see what magic we can work on your products!

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Household favourite, The Great British Bake Off was about to hit TV’s up and down the country and we all know watching cakes being made gets us all in the spirit to get baking in our own kitchens! So making sure the baking aisles were ready for an influx of shoppers was a priority for brands to capture increased sales.


Bacofoil wanted our support to help them get ahead of the annual baking surge by getting the products to stand out from their competitors on a FSDU.


Our highly multi-skilled team printed, built, pre-filled and distributed 840 FSDUs on behalf of Bacofoil to Lidl stores nationwide. After building each cardboard display unit, our team filled each shipper with a phenomenal amount of stock – 80,640 units of non-stick foil and 67,200 units of baking paper – before distributing the FSDUs directly to the retailer.


Are you ready to be our next FSDU success story?

Our track record of FSDU success speaks volumes! We’re a whizz at them, we have all the skills, knowledge and equipment to support with the entire process and that’s what sets us apart from other FSDU suppliers. We know product branding with POS displays are a fantastic way to market to your customers at the exact time that they are about to make a purchase and if you haven’t tested it out for your brand before, you really should!

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