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Our culture is based on helping people thrive

"Dee Set was born out of the frustration of seeing examples of activity and problems that needed practical and innovative solutions. I realised early on that corporate structures sometimes strangle innovation and dilute creative responses.

“Sometimes organisations need vehicles that run alongside the corporate body to light the way, to be the vanguard, to create the space to experiment.

“The problems I faced as a retailer could be solved by direct and focused action from a passionate and dedicated third party. That was my belief and still is to this day.

“The reason we exist, my motivation, my drive, is rooted in the above, to create practical and innovative retail solutions for our customers whoever they may be in a timely, cost effective and efficient manner.

“It is the 'raison d'etre‘ - our reason for being.”

Ian Andrews, Chairman

We only pull in one direction - yours.

It wouldn’t take more than a minute of chatting to one of our team to realise how passionate they are about helping retailers and brands succeed.

Whether the conversation is about merchandising, fulfilment or big data analysis, we all share the same goal.

From the top floor to your shop floor, we are in our job because we love weaving our skills together to achieve something amazing for our clients.

We place integrity and honesty at the centre of everything that we do. And we work relentlessly to improve our skill set, explore new ideas and make sure that every improvement becomes a foundation for the next one.

So if that sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, get in touch and let’s start making things happen for your business.

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We know diversity and inclusion matter

We will always passionately advocate the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace. The wider the background of our (already amazing) people, the greater number of skills and outlooks that can help us grow. And our business is all the better for it.

We are passionate about our people, be it customers or colleagues and we are true advocates of equality and diversity in – and out- of the workplace.

We are real fans of continuous development and improvement. It’s important to us that we continue to adapt and change whilst we work towards our ambitious growth plans and so it is key that we provide our people with training to enable them to thrive.
We champion and promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. By recognising the unique contributions our people make, we can grow and harvest the future of the retail industry.
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