Our retailer partnership with Asda

Written by 
Dee Set Staff
1 May, 2022


In 2009 Dee Set & Asda worked together to strategically grow sales in the H&B sector. The problem was Asda colleagues using H&B hours on core product, impacting sales & availability  The solution - Dee Set took accountability of the full end to end service from Supply Chain to Merchandising

How was this a success?

A dedicated team from supply chain experts, implants in Asda Head office and H&B merchandisers visiting the stores with a purpose – to own the fixtures in store.

Benefit to Asda

  • Operational headache removed
  • Resource saving at head office & in store
  • Allowing the Asda & the brands to concentrate on the product & marketing

The outcome

  • The return was an increase from 78% - 98.5% availability
  • 27% sales increase in year 1
  • £2m working capital reduction

11 years later, Dee Set & Asda partnership has grown in a number of areas and we continue to innovate and grow together

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