Frontline of the future: a podcast with Rob Slaski

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Dee Set Staff
4 August, 2021

Peter Durkin at the employee app ‘Blink’ has produced an excellent series of podcasts where, through dialogue with various business leaders, he explores how frontline workforces of the future may differ from today.

In this particular podcast, Peter chats to our Chief Operating Officer Rob Slaski and the two of them follow some interesting trains of thought!

The episode is entitled ‘The Truth About Loyalty’ and in it Rob talks about how employee loyalty is an outdated notion that instead must be earned by employees constantly and consistently putting development opportunities in front of their best talent.

Rob joined our team here at Dee Set after an impressive and hugely varied 30-year career with Asda, most recently serving as the retail giant’s Store Design Director. In the podcast, he enthuses that an engaged and energetic attitude allows you to keep re-inventing yourself and occupying new spaces within a business.

Of course, the backdrop to much of Peter and Rob’s discussion is the challenge presented to frontline colleagues by Covid-19. For Rob, reactivity has been the key to Dee Set’s great success in difficult times and he talks about the need to ‘unleash the talent you have – faster’ and praises the capability of our hard-working colleagues.

If you’ve got a few minutes for a quick listen we’ve attached the podcast link below.  If not then rest assured that Rob sees the future of retail as one where frontline jobs are safe but repurposed with more fluidity and agility at their core. Rob doesn’t see this as being a challenge as he says that “the skills are already out there, it’s tapping into them and networking them into something really special” where we will see the difference.

You can find and listen to Rob’s episode here:


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